Fragments of Light 5
by Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi
Translated by Zahra Partovi
Publisher: Vincent FitzGerald & Co

Sculpture by Linda Schrank

Edition: 35
Calligraphy: Jerry Kelly
Type: Alcuin (Modified)
Laser: Studio Associates
Binding: Zahra Partovi
Box: Hands on Bookbinding
Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2

Like stars
The rays of the sun leave the walls.
Every wall becomes black and dark
As the sunlight returns to its post. 
What stunned you at faces of beauty,
Was the sunlight through three-colored glasses. 
Colorful glass shows the light
Thus in many colors to us.
When the glasses of many colors are gone
Thereupon the colorless light will stun you.
Begin to witness now the light without glass
So as when glass breaks, there is no blindness
Contented with your bookish knowledge
Staring at the stranger’s light?
Watch Him steal the light, as you learn
You are a borrower, not a giver of light.


A Flight of the Eye
Artist Book Series
Publisher: Edizioni Peccolo, Livorno, Italy