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AlbornoZ Palace Hotel

Spoleto, Italy



linda schrank, 2000


As time goes by, it is difficult to recall which came first, the idea of creating a hotel offering a wide range of services, such as the Albornoz Palace Hotel, or, at a less conscious level, the creation of a place in which visitors to the city would find a living testimony to the importance of Spoleto, a city which has made a name for itself, both at national and international level, in the field of contemporary arts, ever since the fifties.
      Maestro Giancarlo Menotti, founder of the Festival of the Two Worlds, signed the golden book of the Albornoz Palace Hotel on the opening day, with just one word “finalmente!” (finally!). Finally, a new hotel that could accommodate the numerous music, ballet, theatre and art lovers reaching Spoleto to enjoy a fortnight of performing arts. Ever since its opening, the hotel has undertaken a project of hospitality combined with contemporary art which is still in a developing stage. The art-lover will certainly appreciate the amazing variety of art works, enough to quench his passion, whereas the unknowing traveller will certainly be surprised by the peculiarity of this unique hotel. But for both the welcome will be warm as if emerging from the intense colours composing Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawing which adorns the lobby.